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He’s Not the Messiah…

He’s Not the Messiah…

A contender for the most infantile, irritating criticism of atheists and secularists is that we deify celebrity atheists and engage in cultism. If you doubt this, I encourage you to do a Twitter search for the terms “cult” and “worship” against the usual list of cognitively challenged Islamic apologists.

According to mouth-breathers like CJ Werleman and Nathan Lean; agreeing with any points made by Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher or Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Christopher Hitchens, or criticising misrepresentations of their views is to engage in sycophantic hero-worship of unimpeachable cult leaders. They insist that the only motivation someone could have for arguing in favour of any of the views espoused by these people is one of personal adoration, equivalent to a school girl’s juvenile crush on her geography teacher. Read the rest of this entry »


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