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The Comic Con

The Comic Con

There’s a charming line of argument popular among the godly, which posits that a lack of religious faith is responsible for the crimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, that morality is impossible without submitting to the authority of a supernatural creator, and that the only psychological state necessary to commit mass murder is a lack of belief in deities. There is even an entire book devoted to this nonsense entitled The Amorality of Atheism by Giorgio Roversi.

Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins have spent much of their careers as ‘New Atheist’ authors and speakers, kicking these arguments into orbit.

A recent mutation of these trite and fatuous accusations of atheism-inspired violence has begun to spread, which argues that New Atheism’s criticism of religion’s inherent menace is tantamount to incitement to violence.

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A Lesson in Ethics – with Johnny Spooner

A Lesson in Ethics – with Johnny Spooner

Anyone masochistic enough to regularly trudge through CJ Werleman’s nauseating Twitter feed will doubtless be familiar with an objectionable hypocrite who calls himself Johnny Spooner. Mr Spooner is an ostensibly Swedish Twitter user who buzzes around Werleman’s timeline like a fly on shit. His Twitter handle is @LIFG_4_HRC (formerly @theflowerthrowe) and he divides his time relatively equally between attacking what he calls “new atheists” and effectively acting as Werleman’s fluffer.

Unfortunately for him, both of these pastimes require his adoption of grossly hypocritical positions and his assertion of cynical, irresponsible and patently dishonest statements which frequently manifest as textbook examples of logical and rhetorical fallacies.

He readily propagates the idea that by criticising Islam, atheist authors – and their supporters – inspire hate crimes against Muslims. When questioned on whether the same would be true of anti-atheist authors having any culpability for hate crimes against atheists he becomes suspiciously mute. Read the rest of this entry »