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Luton’s Finest

Luton’s Finest

Due to its propensity to churn out Muslim terrorists with startling regularity, Luton has become a town plagued by what are commonly referred to nowadays as “religious tensions”.

The Fertiliser Bomb Plotters, the perpetrators of 7/7, the Stockholm bomber, Al Muhajaroun and a great many other jihadist recruits and would-be terrorists have all used Luton as a base. This is unsurprising when you consider that Luton falls under the jurisdiction of a police force who have repeatedly demonstrated their total and utter incompetence in tackling Muslim extremism, and have otherwise proven their general illiteracy in all things Islamic. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Trial of Louis Smith

The Trial of Louis Smith

Another day, another episode of what Christopher Hitchens once described as “theocratic encroachment on free society”. This time it’s Olympic medallist and Strictly Come Dancing winner Louis Smith MBE who’s been thrown on the pyre – or more accurately – banned for 2 months from British Gymnastics after a video he recorded of his inebriated friend taking the piss out of the Islamic prayer ritual got snared by The Sun and circulated around the internet.

Being that I don’t care too much for gymnastics, nor do I occupy my time watching inexplicably popular ballroom dancing competitions, I only had a vague idea who Louis Smith was until the video of him and his mate drunkenly Allahu Akbar’ing appeared on my radar. Naturally I warmed to him in an instant. Read the rest of this entry »