24 Hours in Luton

08 May
24 Hours in Luton

It’s become something of a cliché in recent years that to criticise the doctrine of Islam, or the behaviour of its more ‘conservative’ fans, is to expose one’s self as a disgusting racist. As has been pointed out once or twice before: Islam is not a race. It’s a set of ideas. It’s impossible to convert to, or apostatise out of, a race. The obviousness of this observation does roughly nothing to dissuade the cognitively challenged from chucking accusations of racism towards anyone with the bare faced cheek to disapprove of theocratic fascism.

This idiocy was taken to dizzying new heights in Channel 4’s most recent broadcast of the fly-on-the-wall documentary series 24 Hours in Police Custody. The show takes place in Luton and surprisingly takes four series’ to get around to covering the religious tensions that plague the town. You see, Luton is something like the epicentre of Islamic extremism in the UK. The infamous image of the 7/7 bombers walking into a train station on the morning of the London Transport attacks was taken from CCTV at Luton Station.

Luton is the base of al-Muhajiroun, a proscribed Salafi jihadist organisation linked to 50% of British terror plots in the past two decades. It was the hometown of the 2010 Stockholm Suicide Bomber. It was the hometown of convicted terrorist Junead Khan. It is the home town of terror suspect Mubashir Jamil. It was the hometown of one of the Muslims convicted of the 2007 fertiliser bomb plot. The list goes on.

It seems even some of Luton’s Muslims don’t particularly care for the abundance of “religious diversity” in the town and prefer to live under the governance of a gang of psychotic rapists with a pathological decapitation fetish instead.


Unsurprisingly, Luton is also the town from which the English Defence League arose.

24 Hours in Police Custody begins by documenting an incident whereby a mother and son – the latter a member of the EDL – had been verbally abusive towards a woman who lives two doors down, over her links to Islamic extremism and the suspicion that she was behind an incident in which a man threatened them on their doorstep with a claw hammer.

Bedfordshire police turn up mob handed at the house and promptly arrest them both for a suspected “racially motivated crime”. The program makes it clear, however, albeit in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of way, that everyone involved in this incident was white. And English. The following is a genuine discussion between two police officers dealing with the case:

Officer 1: It’s neighbours hating each other with a…err…racial escalation.

Officer 2: Are they black or…?

Officer 1: No all parties are white.


Officer 2: What’s the racial element then??


Officer 1: It’s not racial, it’s more religious.

Astonishingly, having presumably had this conversation only moments earlier, Bedfordshire police then proceed with an attempt to prosecute both the mother and the son for a racially motivated crime. The ridiculous justification the police give for this charge is that they called their neighbour and her brother “fucking terrorists”. Interestingly enough, in the epilogue it is revealed that the neighbour’s brother is indeed a fucking terrorist. Or at least a fucking supporter of terrorists. He is an Islamist convert named Ibrahim (formerly Roger) Anderson who was recently jailed for 3 years for engaging in ISIS recruitment, who has taken photos of his kids posing in front of a jihadist flag armed with swords, who has been used by his sister to intimidate the arrested family, and who, incidentally, is built like an outdoor brick shithouse.


Ibrahim Anderson (left)

The attitude of both the program makers and the police seems to be one which is tainted with an air of classist condescension and piss-taking towards this single mother and her son who have been essentially terrorised by their neighbours. When it is revealed that the son has learning difficulties and that the mother has been forced to relocate them to hotels on several occasions due to their neighbours’ behaviour, the sniggering police finally decide to release them and drop the charges of racial or religious motivation. The family promptly take the opportunity to move out of Luton for somewhere safer. Saudi Arabia perhaps.

The program then turns its focus upon another case, which is described in the voiceover as “a brutal, unprovoked” and – you guessed it – “racial assault”.

Enter Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, and someone whom the show does its utmost to portray as a war criminal who spends his weekends cannibalising babies. Tommy’s arrest for assaulting a Muslim prisoner at HMP Peterborough is the case in question. Whilst serving time for a mortgage fraud offense that he was effectively blackmailed into copping to, Robinson was informed of a bounty placed on his head by the Muslim prison gangs. He was tipped off as to the identity of his would-be attacker – a Somalian Muslim who was planning to sling a cup of boiling sugar water in his face – and took it upon himself to get his retaliation in first. With his fists.

It is worth noting that this incident dates back to last summer and the charges were initially dropped, but for reasons best known to themselves, the police decided to re-arrest Robinson for this assault months later. And they decided it was such a vitally urgent duty, that they needed to arrest him getting off of a flight, leaving his wife with his luggage and 3 distraught children. You won’t find much, if any, of this information addressed in the show however.

What you will find is the interviewing officer asking incredulously whether Tommy really believed he was in any danger from other inmates. Perhaps he should have also asked him what the clearly visible lump on the side of his head is (a blood clot resulting from an assault.) Or how come he’s got such a spiffing set of pearly whites (they’re replacements, fitted after his real teeth were kicked out by Muslim prisoners.) Astrophysicists have long observed that if you could count all of the stars in the visible universe at a rate of one per second it still wouldn’t come close to the number of times Robinson has been bashed up over his political opinions.

It’s just my opinion of course, but I’d suggest that the duty of care that prison authorities are obligated to provide prisoners might at least stretch to not putting the UK’s most well-known anti-Islam activist on a wing populated by Muslim convicts that want him dead. Just a thought.

Thankfully, Robinson’s proactive self-defence resulted in him being moved to a secure wing, allowing him to whittle down the remainder of his time inside in relative safety. Or at least without the prospect of having his face napalmed off.

In its brief postscript to the Tommy Robinson story, the program mentions that the case against him was dismissed in court and also offers a borderline sarcastic response from the prison services who claim that prisoner safety is their “highest priority”. What is not mentioned in this postscript is that a number of people opposed to Tommy’s ongoing mistreatment – myself included – managed to pony up over twenty four thousand pounds for his legal defence and to finally get him a halfway competent lawyer – something that he’s sorely lacked in the past. Similarly, it avoids mentioning that the presiding judge questioned the police’s dubious motives for arresting Robinson, and that the judge advised the CPS to offer no evidence against Tommy upon becoming aware that the police had buried evidence supportive of his version of events.

Maybe an interesting way for the program makers to segue into the Tommy Robinson story would have been to recount the occasion when the afore mentioned Ibrahim Anderson made an unsolicited visit to Robinson’s family home brandishing a number of weapons. Then again, maybe not, considering that Bedfordshire Police decided that the best way to avoid a “breach of the peace” on that occasion was to arrest Robinson and his family, rather than the heavily armed terrorist in his front garden.

Incidentally, since the show was broadcast, Tommy has confirmed that his bank accounts have been frozen (again) and that Bedfordshire police are attempting secure a judicial review to re-try this case. This will be the third occasion that Robinson has faced prosecution and potential prison time for the same offense.


Interspersed between the stories of Robinson and the neighbourly dispute, is an appalling case of Islamic-flavoured domestic abuse; that of a Bangladeshi woman named Fatima whose delightful husband forced her to watch ISIS beheading videos and threatened her with a knife if she refused to accompany him and his family to Syria. She recounts how he pulled her hair and punched her in the stomach whilst his mother held her down. (Would this be an inappropriate time for a mother-in-law joke?)

After several attempts to find her a place in a local Asian women’s refuge only to find that they’re all full to bursting point, Fatima is thankfully found an accommodation and is ready to start a new life which doesn’t involve ISIS snuff-porn or getting the shit kicked out of her.

I can’t help thinking that perhaps if Bedfordshire Police stopped equating venomous, misogynistic bastards like Fatima’s husband with the very people that actively oppose him and his ideology, shows like 24 Hours in Police Custody might find it harder to exploit these people for sneering entertainment purposes. Perhaps if Bedfordshire Police focused their time and energy on arresting Muslim terrorists rather than the poor sods who are stuck living next door to them, Luton might not have become the inter-religious pressure cooker that it is today. And perhaps if Bedfordshire Police could get at least a vague understanding of the difference between a race and a religion, especially when a quarter of their towns population are Muslim, they might not make such whacking great twats of themselves on national TV.

Political commentator Douglas Murray once said the following:

“I cannot help reflecting that our society would never have heard of Tommy Robinson if it had dealt with Islamic extremists with anything like the severity it has meted out to him.”

He’s right of course. The people of Luton have long been ignored in their concerns about the extremists in their midst. Organisations like the EDL are not created in a vacuum. They are a reaction to a problem that they are forced to confront daily. When Bedfordshire police, and the authorities in general, refuse to acknowledge the very real issues in towns like Luton, it leaves people with no option but to address the problems themselves.

The reality about Luton is that it’s not only people like Fatima who find themselves in the unfortunate position of living with brutal Islamic fascists and terrorists. As Robinson says:

“You’re fighting ISIS abroad. You don’t fight ISIS abroad – I’m standing next to them in the bank.”



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  5. Harry Rachard Hattersly

    May 9, 2016 at 11:08 am

    I despaired at the way that calling a white muslim terrorist a terrorist constituted racism. even when said terrorist is actually a terrorist and no racial slur was used.

    I truly believe that had C4 not been there that day, that the family would have been charged and sentenced for racial aggravated harassment. I bet it took a member of the camera crew to point out to Bedfordshire police that both parties were white, so how can it be racist. Why did Beds Police not do a background check on the accused, which would have highlighted all the times he had begged them for help when he had been harassed, victimised and bullied by the very people accusing him of the trumped up racism accusation…..sheeeesh.


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