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The Islamist Smokescreen

The Islamist Smokescreen

The first time I was ever called a racist was not long after I joined Twitter. I was debating Asghar Bukhari of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK on the teachings of Islamic holy texts and their direct influence on real world atrocities committed by those who cite these sources as inspiration. After a lengthy disagreement, which almost immediately degenerated into playground insults from him towards me, he apparently decided that in order for me to oppose certain aspects of a religious & political ideology I must have an underlying agenda of racism. DJ Nihal Arthanayak of the BBC Asian Network stepped in at one point to defend me against these accusations by stating that, in his opinion I was not a racist, but unfortunately this either fell on deaf ears or did not fit Bukhari’s agenda and was therefore promptly dismissed.

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Moral Equivalence in the Middle East


I don’t really see a clear moral distinction between the two groups because I just think that one is more open about its aims and behaviours than the other”.

These are the words of a friend I have been debating on a daily basis, for a little over two weeks now, on the subject of the conflict in the Middle East. The two groups he refers to are, of course the Israeli government and the current government of Gaza. More generally though, our discussions have touched upon the tactics of each organisation as well as their primary goals and objectives.

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